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Start receiving orders in the most convenient way
It's free. Just create a profile.
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This is a new convenient platform for receiving orders and communication with customers
Who is it for?
Anyone who provides services
To receive orders and respond quickly to customer requests
Medium and large companies
To facilitate communication with new customers and keep quick contact with existing customers
Everyone who sells something
Also, to receive orders and respond quickly to customer requests
How does it work?
You create a profile here
It's quick, easy and fun.
Set up where you want to receive orders
For example, on Telegram, Viber, to the software API, etc.
Place a link to the order-acceptance form or profile
You know, a link can be placed anywhere. For example, in social networks, on websites, in ads, etc. - In general, wherever your customers want to place an order.
Accept orders in a fast, convenient way
From where you placed the link, people will go to the form or profile and submit the order.
What will happen as a result?
You get a form and a profile for receiving orders/requests
With contacts, maps and information about you.
Instant customer service
Notifications of orders come instantly to or email, or via API.
Receive orders in one place
You can connect all social networks, sites, pages and ads at once.
We tried to make almost everything free
  • Accepting orders through the form - free unlimited.
  • You can take orders through your profile for free up to 10 per month. Well, if you need more, you can buy more for 0.04 USD per order or just wait for the next month for free.
  • VIP promotion with VIP points from 0.03 USD
  • Everything else is free.
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